5 Eyebrow Tips: Shape Your Way to Perfection

Visible and prominent, eyebrows can make or break your wholesale mink lashes  look. No amount of makeup can make you look sensational if your brows aren’t properly groomed. From bushy, thick brows to pencil-thin, barely-there brows, the choices you make  wholesale mink lashes about your eyebrows impact your look dramatically. Fortunately, eyebrows are among the easiest things to change, and even a small tweak will change your appearance for the better.

If you’ve never tweezed, shaped or groomed your eyebrows, now is the wholesale mink lashes  time to start. Follow these tips to put your best brow forward:


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    1. Shaping Your Brows – Gone are the days of pencil-thin eyebrows. Today, eyebrows are shaped according to natural growth, which is great for you because it makes finding your perfect shape easy. Clean up any hair that grows outside an imagined 45-degree line drawn from the inside and outside corners of your eye to your brow. Everyone has a natural arch to their brows. Follow the natural line of your arch, cleaning up  wholesale mink lashes any hair that grows below it. Do not remove hair on top of your brows.


    1. Hair Removal – Choose the hair-removal method that works best for you. If you only have a few hairs to remove, tweezing might be your best option. However, if your eyebrows are thick and coarse, waxing is more expedient and less painful.


    1. Maintenance – Perfect eyebrows require maintenance. Do not let your plucked brows grow in before reshaping them. Remove stray hairs daily, and shape your brows weekly. When you keep up with your brows, you can see how they were shaped before, which makes the process a lot easier.


    1. Avoid Over Tweezing – Hair follicles can become damaged during hair removal, rendering them unable to grow hair. If you tweeze your eyebrows too thin on a continuous basis, you might find that you have very few brows left to tweeze. Always follow your natural growth lines to avoid tweezing your brows too thin.


  1. Filling in the Gaps – If your eyebrows are sparse, lightly colored and  wholesale mink lashes barely visible, you can fill them in to make them more attractive. To fill in the gaps, choose a brow pencil that’s just a shade darker than your natural brow color. Apply the color to your brows and brow bone using short strokes. Never draw on a clown brow or a C-shaped brow. Instead, draw short lines of color in the direction your hair grows, mimicking the look of your natural brow.

Perfectly-shaped eyebrows are more than just a finishing touch; they are the foundation of a well-groomed, put-together look. If you’re leaving your brows out of your beauty routine, you are making a very hairy mistake. A few minutes a day is all that stands between you and your best possible look.

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