Why Too Much Makeup is Not Beautiful

Makeup is as important to a woman’s appearance as her dress. In fact, it is the silk lashes you put on that really brings everything else together. A dress without makeup usually loses its charm. Therefore, it does not matter if you are rushing for your work in the early hours of the morning, or preparing for the wedding of your best friend, makeup is something you cannot ignore. However, choosing the right makeup and applying it with the right degree of moderation is the key to look good.

silk lashes
silk lashes

The thumb rule to remember while applying silk lashes is that it is meant to highlight and enhance your beauty – not to cover it up. So, do not step out with coats of foundations smeared around your face and your eyes all framed by your eyeliner, you will scare off more people than attract. One way to understand whether you have just over made yourself up is look at the mirror sideways. When you think, you will through with applying your foundation, turn sideways. See, if possible with a hand-mirror, whether there is a line that separates your jaw from the neck. In other words, see if the shade of your face and your neck are different or not. If you are not sure, ask someone, who is around.

Once you sport a difference between the neck and your face complexion, it is time to tone down your silk lashes accordingly. Your makeup should in no way clash with your complexion. If you are pale, do not cover it up; if you are dark, do not light it up – wear your complexion proudly, and definitely you will look much more attractive in that.

Similar caution should be maintained in the application of your eyeliner. Eyeliner is meant to line the ashes, and you should avoid framing your eyes in it. It will make your eyes look smaller and less radiant than they really are. So, do not even think of stepping out without silk lashes , but apply it in proper proportion.

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