How to Achieve a Simple Makeup Technique?

You will need a highlighter, dark eye pencil or shadow and two private label 3d mink eyelashes eye shadows.

Cover the entire eye area from brow to lashes with this color. Draw a three quarter line along the edge of the lower lid, fading away as you move toward the nose. Draw another line along the top lid just beyond the outer edge of the iris of the eye. This line should be drawn thicker and extend into a triangle shape. Blend with a cotton bud or sponge tip applicator to soften the look. Keep your pencil sharp and if necessary, warm the point against the palm of your hand before starting to use it.

private label 3d mink eyelashes
private label 3d mink eyelashes

Color one should be a darker color than the highlighter but lighter than color two. This color is used on the inner area of the eye from the eyebrow down the side of the nose and in towards the corner of the eye.

Color two should harmonize with color one but choose a slightly darker shade. This is the most important color and is used along the top lid over the pencil next to the eyelashes and then blended over the socket line in a softly rounded shape. This color is not winged outwards.

When using a mascara, use a black mascara only if you have dark lashes. Black is not always the most flattering color. Brown and gray can be very effective and, of course, there are now lots of fun colors which can be very appropriate when making up for the evening or a special occasion. It can be effective to start with the neutral color and add the fun color over the top or just to the tips of the lashes.

Begin by brushing down the top lashes from above and then brush up from below, making sure to catch the outer lashes as well. Carefully touch the lower lashes with color and use a cotton bud to catch any blobs. If the lashes lie very flat on the face, carefully place a tissue underneath before applying. Several thin coats are better than one thick one and if necessary, the lashes can be separated with your lash private label 3d mink eyelashes.

As for your lipstick, this is the area where people seem to have strong feelings, so this must be taken into account seriously. Some people prefer to apply foundation to the mouth before adding lipstick, so you may like to experiment with this and see if you find it preferable. Certainly it is necessary if you are planning to change the shape of the mouth.

If you are mastering the techniques of using a lip pencil and brush, you should make a habit of using them on yourself daily in order to increase your proficiency.

The larger mouth may benefit from a darker shade or a lack of proportion may be corrected by using different lipstick shades. When corrections are needed to the shape of the mouth, it is important to make them look as natural as possible. If you are going to reshape your mouth, you will need to cover the natural shape with foundation or concealer and powder before drawing in the improved line. Fill in the shape with a lip brush in the usual way.

A slightly darker lip pencil is more effective for outlining, but when discussing a line, you may want to blend in rather than stand out, so bear this in mind when choosing your color. It can also help to use a pale pearl lipstick which will tend to draw attention to itself rather than the mouth private label 3d mink eyelashes.

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private label 3d mink eyelashes
private label 3d mink eyelashes

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