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How to Apply Evening Makeup

When the evening event is special, allow extra time to take a relaxing bath and to apply your plastic eyelash trays carefully. ( eyelash packaging)  Plan ahead so you can treat your face to a scrub and mask that will leave it tingling and radiantly clean. After toning as usual, begin your plastic eyelash trays magic. Apply your foundation a little heavier, to cover any flaws. Next cover any circles under your eyes, lines around the mouth and nose with concealer. Pat to blend. At night you may prefer to apply concealer first, under your foundation, for extra coverage.

plastic eyelash trays
plastic eyelash trays

Contour the hollows under your cheeks by patting on a darker foundation with your contour sponge, or brush on pressed powder in a darker shade, blending the edges. Give your nostrils a bit of flare by brushing darker foundation in the bevels at either side of the tip of your nose. Next powder your entire face. Dip your powder brush first in your blusher, then into your powder, and add a subtle glow of radiance to your whole face. Apply blusher as usual. With your fan brush, sweep a brighter shade, for extra glow, right on the crest of your cheekbone.

You can line your eyes a little more dramatically than usual. Now is your chance to use black (if your lashes are dark) or a color such as blue, green or violet to enhance the color of your eyes. Or use a neutral on the bottom and a color on your upper lashes. Remember, balance the color with your coloring. A woman with blonde hair and lashes does not look attractive with heavy black eyeliner, even at night.

Apply your eye shadow as usual, but now you can use frosted shades. Also, try using a deeper color than your daytime shadow, or simply top off your regular shade with a deeper or brighter shade just on the outer corner of your lid. Start with your highlighter and cover the eye area. Add your glamorous color to the outer third of your lid, blending it up onto the outer third of your eyebrow only as far as the end of your brow. Now apply a medium to dark shade across the rest of your orbital bone. This contour shade should not be frosted, especially if your bone protrudes.

Now for a look of sparkle. Apply a pale frosted or iridescent ‘stripe’ of shadow to the plastic eyelash trays of your eyelid, placing it directly over your pupil. Try silver or pearly pink for the cool skin tone, gold or frosty peach for the warms. If your eyelids show a lot, use a medium neutral shade in a minimum frost instead. The shimmery shadow will catch the light as you move your eyes, making them magnetizing.

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plastic eyelash trays
plastic eyelash trays

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