Making Makeup Last All Day

Making makeup last all day is not found in the products. It is the way in which you put them on. There are 3 things (in my world) that are responsible for gorgeous large stock 3d bottom lashes.

large stock 3d bottom lashes
large stock 3d bottom lashes

1. The product type/formulation

2. The product color

3. The technique/ratio in which it is put on.

If you understand this, you will see that you are more empowered to make almost any large stock 3d bottom lashes do what you want. When I was a MAC artist, one test we had to go through was to do a complete face using only foundation shades. This enabled us to learn the concept of shade, moisture, and texture.

So to make your eye large stock 3d bottom lashes stay on all day, you must first neutralize and prep the lid with a primer or shadow magnet. This neutralizes both natural color and oil amount on the lid. Just like priming a care before you paint it! Then, add a layer of neutral color shadow (like vanilla or bisque). What you are doing is sealing and setting that first layer with the shadow. Now you are ready for contouring the crease. You add another layer of shadow which further sets the large stock 3d bottom lashes. A few hours into your day, if you notice a bit of “gleam” on your lid, that means your oils are coming through. To avoid your shadow creasing or smudging, dab that oil right away with blot powder. Blot powder will not build or disturb your makeup, so you can continue to do this to keep your makeup in place. Oil is ALWAYS the culprit for eyes smudging

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