How To Get Out Of The Funk

This will be a really simple label eyelash and therein lies the beauty of it. Now, please don’t undermine the power of this technique just because of its simplicity. Remember that true sophistication is not doing more with more, but doing more with less.


xvhair OK, let’s get started. Suppose you are in a funk, heck in fact you can be downright depressed. The problem with that is that everything builds momentum, the brain label eyelash that way; when you have a thought, any thought the brain looks for the stored information related to that specific thought, and in general terms the brain categorizes things, so it groups sad experiences with other sad experiences, happy with happy, red with red etc.

For example: Remember the last time you entered a dark, scary room, immediately the alert responses get label eyelash and you get all those goosebumps and that quick adrenaline rush preparing you for danger, and now you begin to have an image of a scary thing in your mind’s eye, say someone might attack you, and pretty soon the brain opens the category of things that could attack you in the dark, so now is not just a human form that could attack you, your brain will fire a ghost image inside your head, and pretty soon is demons, aliens etc, till the brain plays the ULTIMATE scary image in your brain before you have a heart attack: Your MOTHER IN LAW!!!! (wee-wee-wee!) ARGGGHHHH!!

OK a bit dramatic.

My point is that as long as you are dwelling in your funk, your brain will keep supplying images and feelings to support that state, it is its nature to do so. The answer is to change that emotional state; To be honest the hardest part is to take the decision and take action, after the action has been taken you will use your brain’s habits and label eyelash to your advantage.

So here is what I do whenever I am in a funk, I go outside and walk, because as long as you are walking and pumping blood you will create endorphins, (the brain’s natural feel-good drug) Now, as you are walking, notice things in nature that really please or catch your attention, really look at them, every detail, every color, texture, shadow, it could be a plant, an animal, a tree, a fruit, people, whatever catches your positive attention, and try to make it nature, although it can be label eyelash you observe. I like nature because you are seeing LIFE!

After you do that for a few minutes begin to deliberately list 50 things to be grateful for that day, write it down if you want to. No matter how bad is your day you can always find things to be grateful for, it doesn’t have to be big things, in fact you want to start small: I am grateful for my hands because I can interact with the world and feel things, I am grateful that I have a bed, I am grateful for my eyelashes, nails, eyes etc. Start with the small things, than pretty soon momentum will gather and you’ll be thinking label eyelash like I am grateful for my parents, friends, my life etc.

It won’t take long before your brain will take over supplying you with more images of which to be grateful for and happy about.

If you do this right, just as I told you, it is impossible to stay in the funk, unless of course you deliberately keep finding things to feel funky about. It is biochemically impossible to find things to feel good about and feel bad at the same time, and vice-versa. If you have been feeling depressed make it a goal to practice this everyday, I know is not easy when you are in a dark place, but only you can shed some light into the situation.

Hope this helps in any way.



Author, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur, Psyche-Explorer

I’ve been a rabid student of the human condition for over 15 years now. I’ve always had a strong urge to figure out how things work inside; my mom was not happy that I opened pretty much every appliance I could get my hands on. And this instinct continues till today. Although now my exploration is into the human mind and condition. In my quest I’ve studied many of the main religions and other Gnostic practices. I was fortunate enough to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programing and label eyelash from John T. Grinder and to have been able to teach this amazing techniques to thousands of people at an early age.

Now days my laboratory is the stage and cameras and my communication venue the Internet, I gotta tell ya life is good!


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