His Divine Love

Ever so fur lashes private

Like fur lashes private on my eyelashes

Like the gentle wind that blows

Like the rustle of leaves on trees

And birds fur lashes private in the eaves

You come each day and touch my soul

fur lashes private
fur lashes private

With fingers warm and light

And kiss my cheek a breath of jasmine

That make my fur lashes private reel

Illusive as a sunbeam

I know when you are near

By the scent of love’s sweet fragrance

And the upcurl of my fur lashes private

When my heart is bursting with joy

And your light comes shining through

I know it’s you dear God,

I know it’s you.

Wondrous Love

Torrents of blessings descending
Like water off a mountain side
Sprinkling nearby foliage
As in blessings we abide

See the misty aura turning
Illuminating a world so dim
Friends and foe alike
Buried deep in sin

Lift your eyes to heaven
Feel the splendor of eternal light
Fill your spirits fur lashes private
With His fulsome love divine

Stand in torrents of blessings
That descend to you from on high
Lift your fur lashes private in worship
Open your heart to His shining light

Let Hope be your constant partner
Fear your enemy at worst
Let your fur lashes private with His blessings fill
And know you are saved. Not lost.

I am the One

In the depths of my heart I feel your presence
When I laugh you hear my silent tears
When I am still you hear my throbbing heart
Who are you from whom I cannot hide?

In my fur lashes private hour you see me in light
If I go to the caverns you are there
If I hide beneath the deep you are there
Who are you from whom I cannot hide?

When I sing you detect tears in my voice
When I dance you see my faltering steps
When I dream you are there beside me
Who are you from whom I cannot hide?

When I pray you lend me your ears
When I am mistreated you open a doorway to freedom
When I am angry you fur lashes private me
Who are you from whom I cannot hide?

Today you touched my heart
Today I heard you whisper
All things are possible with me
I am the One from whom you cannot hide

Margaret Okubo. xvhair.


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