What Makes the Complete Makeup?

Even the most perfect face and complexion could do with some faux mink lashes to give a more ‘dressed up’ look, especially if you are a working woman. Avoid too much makeup though. Makeup should be used to enhance our features, but it should look natural. A natural beauty is the look that succeeds.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

Would you believe it if I told you that I take less than 5 minutes to put on my concealer, foundation, powder, faux mink lashes my eyes, do my rouge and then my lipstick? Yes, in the beginning, I had to practice becoming familiar with the different brushes and colors to be used. Like everything else, I just needed to learn.

I wear all the makeup I mentioned earlier for work because I believe it makes me look professional. A large part of my work involves consulting others on image, grooming and etiquette. On weekends, I only wear a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara and sometimes a blush.

No everyone will use all the faux mink lashes tools, but applying some faux mink lashes provides that final touch to the well groomed dresser. Decide for yourself which items you feel you really could not do without. You may feel that lipstick is sufficient to add color if you have no time for anything else. Or at least powdering the face and adding blusher; or eyebrow liner with powder and lipstick. A face with the proper application of colors of makeup will look natural and feel comfortable.

Concealer is a moist, tinted cream which should be used under the eyes because there are no oil glands in this area so skin tends to be dry and the cream helps to moisturize the eye areas.

Blusher is a colored powder applied over translucent face powder in the correct position to flatter the features and the face shape, and to brighten the complexion. When choosing blush, also known as rouge, powder based rouge is lighter than cream rouge. The color should complement your natural skin coloring.

The lip liner is a soft lead colored pencil used to outline lips and define the mouth before applying lipstick. It should be the same or slightly darker than the chosen lipstick color. The lip liners helps prevent lipstick from blending into lip cracks and also helps lipstick stay on longer.

There are basically two kinds of lip lines you can define with lip liners; your natural lip line, or a corrective lip line. For thick lips, draw to the inside of the natural lip line. For thin lips, draw to the outside of the natural lip line. When you have drawn the lip line, color in the entire lip to make the color stay on longer. Once the lipstick has been applied, use the lip pencil to go over the line and blend into the lipstick.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

The lipstick is a colored cream in a tube used to accentuate the lips, brighten the face, create balance with the eyes and cheeks, protect lips against dryness and chapping and give natural finish to lips and face. Lip gloss is a clear or colored gel used to add a shiny or moist look to lips. To choose a lipstick, find one which is creamy and moisturizes the lips. The color should match clothes and the rest of the faux mink lashes.

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