Toxic Beauty: What You Don’t Know About Your Cosmetics May Hurt You!

Throughout my training as a makeup artist at AVEDA in NYC, I learned about the nasty chemicals that go into many of the cosmetic products that we use every day to make ourselves more beautiful. These chemicals can stay in your body long after the faux fur mink cluster lashes is gone, potentially causing all sorts of problems. One of the most questionable of these chemicals is parabens.

What are parabens?
The simple answer is that parabens are chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and in food and beverage processing. The main types are methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, and butyl-parabens (check for these on the labels of your favorite products, and then replace them with something better). The more complicated answer is that parabens are believed to be endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins.
How to find healthy faux fur mink cluster lashes!

faux fur mink cluster lashes
faux fur mink cluster lashes

During my training as a faux fur mink cluster lashes  artist at AVEDA in NYC, I was taught about the potentially toxic chemicals that are used in many of the personal care product we use on a daily basis. I also learned about long term health risks thought to be associated with some of these chemicals. One chemical that I’m particularly concerned about is parabens.

What’s in a name?

Parabens are a class of chemicals commonly used as preservatives in pharmaceuticals, personal care products and even foods. Parabens go by many names, usually ending in “paraben” (e.g. methyparaben, butylparaben). Be careful when you’re looking at labels though, sometimes the word “paraben” is not in the name. The fear over parabens is that they may act as endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins.

Toxic absorption

Endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins are chemicals that disrupt growth, intelligence and reproductive health. This is a scary prospect given the fact that the average woman uses 12 personal care products a day, and the average teen girl uses 17! Everything you put ON your body can end up IN your body. If all of these products contained even small amounts of toxic chemicals that is a lot of toxic exposure over a lifetime!

Not enough regulation

You might think that some government agency, perhaps the FDA, regulates what companies put in your cosmetics. Maybe you are not worried because you figure if you can buy it at the drugstore it must be safe. This is not exactly true. The FDA does have some control over cosmetic companies, just not much. For example, cosmetic companies are not required by the U.S. government to perform pre-market safety testing or health studies on cosmetics. Just about any chemical can be used in your makeup and the company you buy it from isn’t even required to put it on the label.

Better safe than sorry

Educate yourself and read labels! Just remember that not all of the ingredients have to be listed. Also keep in mind that the use of words like “organic”, “natural” or “dermatologist tested” are not regulated for use on personal care products and don’t always mean a product is healthy. However, if a product is paraben free, it will usually say so, and this is a good step towards finding a healthy product. Do your research and to be on the safe side stick with products that say they are paraben free.

I create makeup for dancers, cheerleaders and other performers. I am particularly concerned about the health of the young kids and teens who love my makeup! These young ones are especially vulnerable to the risks of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. One of my top goals at JAM has always been to create healthier makeup options for cheerleaders, dancers, actors, performers or anyone who wants a long lasting faux fur mink cluster lashes without long lasting toxic build-up!

Jessica Dupont is a former Professional NYC Dancer and faux fur mink cluster lashes Artist. She owns JAM cosmetics, which is a line of ULTIMATE makeup for dance and cheer. Find out 4 secrets the pro’s use AND 3 things you NEED TO KNOW to look gorgeous and stand out from the crowd, by getting Jessica’s free dance makeup e-Guide

faux fur mink cluster lashes
faux fur mink cluster lashes

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