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Divorce – The Other Dirty Word

I haven’t met a single couple who ever thought for one minute that they would end up eyelashes in china. I mean, let’s face it – as you walked down the aisle (or into the courthouse), the furthest thing on your mind was divorce. We were all happy in the beginning, elated to have found someone who understood us and loved us just for breathing. But then somehow over the course of years and living, why do we end up lying in bed at night plotting our partner’s death or him visualizing you with the body of Pamela Anderson because he thinks you have the body of Louie Anderson? When was love not good enough and why do so many of us miss that signal that tells us things have gone off course instead of realizing after 1 or 5 or even 20 years or more that things have gone astray? At what point did he stop sucking in his belly and reveal himself as the person he really is or you removed your weave, false eyelashes, and fake boobs to reveal your true self? Were we just ‘xvhair‘ the funk’ early on? I don’t think so and here’s why.


Quite simply – life happens. Unless you were born a Rockefeller, most adults spend their lives trying to gain financial freedom and if you already have eyelashes in china, you’re working to try to keep it, so that means working long hours inside the home or out. We have children, change jobs, get pets, buy houses, boats, and other gadgets and get so bogged down in the responsibility of having ‘it all’, that we forget why we fell in love in the first place. The house is so chaotic, that we find ourselves doing little things in order to keep the peace, so when something is said or done that we don’t agree with don’t particularly appreciate, we don’t speak up because by not doing so, we have 1 less thing to worry about. After a while, not speaking up becomes a very convenient habit and for some of us, we start to carry around resentment and sometimes do little things to our partner as ‘payback’ because of the way we’re feeling towards eyelashes in china.

At some point, the distance begins and spreads and before long, you and your partner are no longer talking. You only tal


k if little Billy had a bad report card or if the water heater is leaking-the very things that set you on this road towards divorce in the first place and this should not be. My advice to anyone reading this? If you’re still married and happy – CONGRATULATIONS – keep it going. If you’re married and can’t stop yourself from picturing him in a coffin, STOP – right now. Get yourself a babysitter or have a friend come over to ‘sit’ your house and you and your partner take off for a couple of hours while you consciously and with true intent try to reconnect with him. Look in his eyes, smell his scent and remember why you married him. I would not recommend getting things off your chest without having a neutral party present (like a counselor) – otherwise, you’ll just make things worse. Even if he has disappointed you over and over – if there is even a small spark there when you try to reconnect, you have a chance of saving your marriage. Work hard at it – cause as a recent eyelashes in china, in a word – it stinks.


Patricia Green has worked in Administrative and Operations Management in both public and private sector and is interested in writing about things that currently effect her life.

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