Coloured Eyelashes – Are They the Ultimate Modern Day Fashion Statement or Just a Sign of Vanity?

Coloured eye eyelashes false eyelashes a sublime or ridiculous fashion invention?

Fake eyelashes have been around for some time now, but only recently they have become the element that gives a touch of refinement to any type of make-up. However, being stylish is not enough! Extravagant is the word of the day! And what is more extravagant than a pair of feather-like colored eyelashes?

eyelashes false eyelashes
eyelashes false eyelashes

If you have already learnt how to apply properly your fake eyelashes false eyelashes, you can be more daring and use other dazzling make-up techniques- like crystals, flakes or coloured eyelashes. However, pay the utmost attention! These extravagant eye lashes are appropriate for an atypical party or a special night out with the girls. Do not wear them with any other occasions, especially during the day. Picture yourself, wearing long, pink, dolly like eye lashes at your office, while attending a meeting or even worse when meeting your future in-laws. In the world of fashion the line between sublime and ridicule is extremely narrow. Always keep in mind that you are neither Madonna nor Lady Gaga and you are not going to perform on any scene. It is better to ask your beautician’s advice before having applied the coloured eye lashes.

Coloured eyelashes do not require a special applying technique, different from the one used for applying less unconventional fake eyelashes. Colored eyelashes can be applied with the help of a pair of tweezers, by using the special adhesive in the eye lashes kit. There is the possibility to buy a special adhesive, harmless for the skin, if you are allergic to the adhesive in the kit. If you want to obtain a ravishing but yet a very stylish look, you can combine black and purple colored eye lashes. This combination can be used at a party, in the club or during a photo session so as to give the glittering that will turn you from an anonymous face into the focal point of the event.

However, there is more out there than just a pair of blue coloured eyelashes false eyelashes lashes. The real extravagant coloured eye lashes are those having multiple accessories and strange shapes. Divas must have in their make-up kit fake eyelashes accessorized with fuzz, pearls, glitter, shiny crystals and even with the famous Swarowsky crystals.

Although, they are uncommon and at a first glance they might seem ridiculous, remember that their uniqueness is given by the moment when they are worn. Thus, for the New Year’s Eve every woman should afford a little extravagance and feel like the fashion icons present in every glossy magazine. So, why not buy a pair of colored eye lashes and your eyes will never be forgotten. The most fashionable colors this year are purple, green and blue.

Halloween is also the perfect time to wear these unconventional eye lashes. There are lots of shapes and colors on the market to match any type of costume. Would you like to look candid? Then use the white or pink colored dolly eyelashes false eyelashes. Would you like to look like a beautiful yet powerful witch? Then the brown or black coloured eyelashes are a must. Looking for more extravagance? Feather-like eye-lashes are just at a stone’s throw in beauty shops or on cosmetic specialized websites.

Cosmetic producers have not forgotten the brides. For them, they have created long white silvery lashes, lashes with stars or white feather lashes.

eyelashes false eyelashes
eyelashes false eyelashes

Blue metallic lashes, bright pink lashes, rainbow or neon colored eye lashes are just perfect for parties, scene performances, concerts and fancy dress parties.

Colored eyelashes are amazing, as long as you wear them at the right time and at right event. Never forget: there is only a small step from sublime to ridicule.

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