Makeup Tips That Make You Sizzle

Do you want their look but every time you try it, you end up looking like a raccoon or a Goth chick? Well to help you, here are some custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes tips that will make you look like a celebrity. The best part is, you can do them yourself!

One of the most stunning looks that you may want to copy is the sultry “you-can-see-but-don’t-touch” look. Now to get it right, start with your lips. Put on foundation on your lips when using matte lipstick so that the color doesn’t bleed. Red lips work the best though you can also use dark brown depending on your skin tone.

custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes
custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes

As for your hair, if it is wavy, finger-comb and tease it till you get the “just out of bed” look. If it long, pile it on one shoulder and put on hair accessories to the opposite end. Don’t forget to rub body-illumination lotion all over your body to perfect the sultry look custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes.

If your eyes are your most beautiful feature, then you can just sizzle by option for a smoky eye look. To get that, you will need at least two eye shadows, one darker than the other. You will also need eye liners and mascara as well as eye primer. If you have a very fair skin, then eye concealer may also be needed as fair skins tend to look translucent around the sensitive areas surrounding the eyes. Apply the concealer first and even it out.

Next use the eye primer over your eye lids. This will hold the eye shadow for a longer period of time. The next thing to apply is the eye liner. For its color, choose the ones that compliment your skin tone. If you want to play safe, opt for gray, brown or black. Apply it close to the lashes and make it a bit thick. Also apply it to the lower lashes but make sure it is thinner. Then smudge the eye liner using sponge eye shadow applicator for that smoky look.

You can also use black or grey eye shadow to smudge the eye liner. Now use a light color as base eye shadow to bring out the smoky look perfectly. Use cream or beige and apply it to into the eyelids and into the brow bone. Then use the darker eye shadow, it can be dark brown or dark purple instead of black or gray, and use from lash lines to crease. Lastly curl your eye lashes and use a volume enhancing mascara to complete the look.

If you’re suffering from double chin or chubby cheeks and wish you had a leaner, sculpted-looking face, you have 3 options. (1) Cut it with surgery, (2) Hide it with custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes or hairstyle, or (3) Get rid of it naturally here: double chin

custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes
custom eyelash packaging 3d lashes

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