How to Have Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is a very important day of a bride’s life. You need to make sure that everything is perfect on your wedding gown. From the church, reception venue, choir, flowers, food, gowns to your makeup, you need to make sure that everything is at its best. But wedding is not a two or three hour event. Sometimes it may take the whole day to finish the occasion. How are you going to maintain your makeup? Of course, you will sweat out and there will be possible smudges on your beautiful mink lashes. In this article I will teach you some steps on how to obtain a long lasting bridal makeup. Follow these steps and you will be glowing and glamorous for the whole event.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

1. To emphasize your eyes, always use a water resistant liner and mascara. Using water resistant liner and mascara will help you prevent smudges especially if you are sweating or crying. Then if you are a very emotional person or a cry baby and expecting that there will be a lot of tears of joy on your wedding day, avoid applying mascara on your lower lashes.
2. Before you apply eye shadow, you can apply an eyelid primer to have a longer and crease free beautiful mink lashes all night long
3. To have a long lasting result on your makeup you can apply foundation primer right after cleansing.
4. You can apply a cheek tint because it can last longer. If you are not familiar on the color combination of cheek tint, you can consult a beautiful mink lashes artist so that they can teach you how to apply it and what colors would be best for you. But if you are really not comfortable in applying cheek tint then you can opt for a powdered blush on because powered blush on can last longer compared to creams
5. Have a loose or pressed powder that is oil free and your concealer and foundation needs to be sheer. This will help you in avoiding your face to get shiny because having a shiny face will not have a good effect in the pictures.

6. Before you apply a lipstick, make sure that you have exfoliated your lips.
7. Make sure that your lip liner matches the color of your lipstick. You need to stick within the natural colors so that you will have a natural look.
8. Choose a long lasting moisturizing lipstick so that you won’t have a cracked lip during or after the wedding.
9. Make sure that you have a test makeup with your beautiful mink lashes artist few weeks before the wedding to make sure that the colors will compliment and will look beautiful on the bride.

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