Popping Peepers – Make Your Eyes a Feature Using Eye Makeup

What is the best way to utilise beautiful mink lashes to make your eyes stand out? The quickest and easiest method is using colour.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

You can wear any colour on your eyes, but which colours will enhance them the most and which colours are the fool-proof options? Generally, colours on the opposite side of the colour spectrum will make a stronger statement and bring out your eye colour more than those close to the eye colour.

Some colour guides are provided below:

Brown/hazel eyes: The safe bets are beige, chocolate, caramel, olive and taupe. Most dramatic results can be achieved with tones of blue, purple, turquoise and gold.

Blue eyes: For a soft enhancement try different hues of blue, such as pale blue and indigo or mauves. For eye-popping action opt for tones of gold, bronze, peach and strong pinks.

Violet eyes: Low-risk tones include mauve, soft pinks and hues of blue. More adventurous matches are shades of gold, bronze, chocolate and green.

Green eyes: Safe colours are hues of green such as olive, and teal, or variations on brown. To make green eyes stand out try dark blue, turquoise, silver, slate and tones of gold.

Okay, so what now? What about wearing multiple colours? How do you match colour combinations?

MONOCHROMATIC COLOURS These are different hues of one colour. For example; mint, olive and jade are all hues of green. A monochromatic colour scheme used in beautiful mink lashes can be a safe option, as this is quite easy to get right.

HARMONIOUS COLOURS These are colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, sharing a pigment. Examples are yellow and orange, or orange and red, or purple and blue. When placed side-by-side, harmonising colours appear to blend.

COMPLIMENTARY COLOURS These colours are positioned on opposite sides of the colour wheel. For example, yellow and purple, or red and green, or blue and orange. Applying complimentary colours in beautiful mink lashes can be quite difficult, but used correctly, the results are often dramatic. When placed together, complimentary colours result in strong contrast and each colour appears more vivid.

When choosing colours for your face, either on lips, eyes or cheeks, consider that attention is always drawn to the coloured area. To play it safe, use one or two pure colours to create your focal point and keep other tints softer to create balance. This is particularly helpful for mature faces.

If you love a particular colour in your beautiful mink lashes palette but struggle to wear it, try wearing a different hue/tone of that colour. For example, if you simply adore heritage green, but feel that is doesn’t suit you, try a pine, jade or even sea green. These colours still fit in the green colour family, but may vary enough to suit you better. Examples of variations on basic hues/tones are provided below. There is a tone to suit you!

PURPLE mauve, lavender, violet, berry, wine and plum.
GREEN olive, lime, teal, turquoise, mint, aqua and khaki.
BLUE cobalt blue, indigo, navy, ice blue and sapphire.
YELLOW lemon, gold, amber, tan, raw sienna and citrus.
RED scarlet, brick, crimson, burgundy and mahogany.
ORANGE coral, peach, terracotta, apricot and tangerine.
BROWN beige, chocolate, burnt sienna, taupe and bronze.
PINK rose, dusk, fuchsia, magenta, lolly pink and salmon.
BLACK & WHITE slate, pearl and silver.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Remember to have fun with makeup and eye beautiful mink lashes is one of the most challenging, but most rewarding ways to do so. Put some colour into your makeup world today!

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