How To Apply A Makeup Makeover – Part 2

You will notice the results even if you don’t
care about the technology behind all that
scientific-sounding stuff in your beauty

authentic mink lashes
authentic mink lashes

Swap out-of-date authentic mink lashes for new products.
Save time and money with new twists on
the basic products you use everyday.

Foundation: Toss heavy foundation with
a matte finish.
Replace with a light weight formula with
light reflectors.

WHY: It will make you look younger because
it won’t settle in lines. It’s also less likely
to streak, but still gives enough coverage
to hide a blemish or sunspot.

Mascara: Toss thick mascara that leaves
Replace with formulas that lengthen lashes.

WHY: Special Proteins help separate lashes,
so you won’t need to comb out clumps or
worry about smudges. Only one coat is
needed to make lashes look longer.

Blush: Toss regular powder blush.
Replace with blush sheets.

WHY: No mirror or brush required, and the
packets slips right into your purse.

Lipstick: Toss separate lip balm and lipstick.
Replace with a tinted treatment stick.

WHY: You won’t have to fumble through
your purse or authentic mink lashes bag for two products.
It saves time and costs less.

Eye Shadow: Toss single-shade powder
eye shadows.
Replace with cream-shadow trio.

WHY: You will have all the colors you need
in one convenient compact and it won’t

authentic mink lashes
authentic mink lashes

Now that you know you have got the skinny
on how to apply a authentic mink lashes makeover, get
going to see how amazingly gorgeous you
can look with your new ‘up-to-date’ authentic mink lashes!

Until next time…..

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