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How Much Money Will You Spend on Makeup in Your Lifetime?

I am an addict. Yes, that’s the truth. I am indulging in my habit over thrice a week.( eyelash packaging) I am into clothes, hair, handbags, shoes, 3D real Siberian mink lashes, you name it. But unlike most addictions, this one is one-of-a-kind. Everyday, in the morning when I opened my eyes my cheeks are glowing, always in good aura and with my looks, I would say, I have the face to rival the local movie actress.

3D real Siberian mink lashes
3D real Siberian mink lashes

My secret? Which I’m almost loath to reveal, is my precious sets of make-up, which I called “beauty box”. My collection of 3D real Siberian mink lashes is the envy of all of my friends. I always want to look good, at my age, 53, with all these beauty stuff, I had never felt confident, literally glowing everyday and helps define my mood. With my beauty treatment, life’s more beautiful from lipstick by M.A.C. and my power lash mascara by Clinique, of course the “cream of the crop” my foundation and getting a botox every six months, and definitely I can pass a 40 instead of my real age, 53 that keeps my staying power, looking fresher throughout the day. I believe a woman is never too young or too old to wear make-up, as soon as she puts on her make-up she feels more glamorous, beautiful and confident.

Branded make-up can often be a more intimidating and definitely more expensive compared to local brands, my friends asked me on how much money do I spend on make-up. Because of shopping too much on cosmetics I was branded as beauty addict. But that’s ok, as long as I look good and beautiful. With my lipstick, eye shadow, foundation and blush-on cost me the average of 25,000.00 pesos a year. And none of these “oh! my gosh” I am turning into a vain-erlyn, with my obsessive cosmetics and beauty treatment – because whatever I indulged in has a slant to it.

As Elizabeth Arden say, “Everyone has the right to be beautiful.”

Erlyn Santillan, The Author & Online Entrepreneur provides informative articles about online entrepreneurship. These includes Marketing/Internet, Business Skills, Homebased Business, Self-Improvement and packed with full money making 3D real Siberian mink lashes.


3D real Siberian mink lashes
3D real Siberian mink lashes

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