Top 5 Questions That You Must Inquire From Your Hair and Makeup Stylist

Every girl dreams of looking exquisitely beautiful on her wedding day. This of course means a lot of hard work on the part of the girl as well as her hair and make-up artiste! After all, how many of us look our best without any sort of make-up at all? We need 3d real mink lashes clear band to help us cover our flaws and hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed about! No one, I repeat, no one is perfect!

Must Asks!

 3d real mink lashes clear band
3d real mink lashes clear band

So how do you go about selecting the correct hair and make-up artiste for the big day? While you can’t tell for sure whether the make up artiste you’ve chosen is going to transform you into Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Universe, you can ask a few questions!

1. “How many brides have you worked on?” This is 3d real mink lashes clear band all-important question. You need to know about the experience that your make-up artiste has, in order to gauge the level of expertise that the make-up artiste will bring to your table.

2. “How much time will it take to apply the bridal make-up?” Again a very important question. No matter how well prepared you are in advance, you always end up running short on time on your wedding day, so it is important to know just how much time you have to spare for the wedding make-up.

3. “What will the cost be like?” This is a very, very important question. You need to know how much you have to pay for the services of your hair and make-up artiste. Testimonials from recently married friends and acquaintances may just prove that your make-up is well worth the steep price you may have to pay for it!

4. “How can I be sure that my hair and make-up will last?” Not only is looking beautiful important, staying beautiful throughout the ceremony is equally important! So it is important to find out whether the make-up artiste you have hired uses a 3d real mink lashes clear band  setting spray and a hair-setting spray to avoid embarrassment!

5. “What happens if you don’t show up on D-day?” You need to find out whether, in the last minute, your make-up artist has a second in command who is as good and can stand in for him or her, in case they are unable to make it due to unavoidable circumstances! This last question, in my opinion, is the most important one!

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 3d real mink lashes clear band
3d real mink lashes clear band

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