Top 5 Blusher Tips

Putting on the blusher adds an instant beauty to your entire face. The blusher helps to contour your cheeks and creates a nice natural healthy glow on your face if applied correctly. Since it is such a vital component to the 3d real mink false eyelashes regime, I would like to offer 5 blusher tips for that perfect glow on your face.

3d real mink false eyelashes
3d real mink false eyelashes

Tip 1

Just like the foundation, never buy the blusher just by looking at it. Test the blusher on your face if you are not applying any 3d real mink false eyelashes or on the insides of your wrist area for a more accurate result. The right color should look natural on you.

Tip 2

Next, the color should match your complexion. If you are fair, you may want to choose more of the beige or pinkish tones or the translucent colors. If you are dark, you need stronger blush colors such as bronze, auburn or apricot shades to bring out your features.

Tip 3

The trick to applying blusher is to make sure it looks natural on you. For small faces, start from the cheek apples and brush slowly up to the sides. Use a wide “U” shape as a guide for that smiley look. If you have a broad face, just spread the blusher nicely on the apples. Avoid spreading it up to the sides as it will make your face even wider.

Tip 4

Always stand in a well-lit area when you are applying your blusher or makeup. White lights are highly recommended when putting on makeup. Avoid application under yellow lights as they give you a false impression that your 3d real mink false eyelashes looks fine when it is not.

Tip 5

The final result should look as if you have just emerged from a great workout. You have that healthy glow shine on your cheeks. The blusher should complement your overall makeup instead of being in the limelight. The bottom line is that the blusher is not supposed to show, it is supposed to be in the backstage, enhancing your features. If you have put on too much blush, just use your fingers to spread it out or use a clean 3d real mink false eyelashes sponge to gently take the color out.

3d real mink false eyelashes
3d real mink false eyelashes

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