Tips For Flawless Skin

I was waiting at the crosswalk today, and a woman came up and stood next to me. Being obsessed with skin and makeup, I observed both on this woman. She had obvious breakouts that she had covered up with heavy, cakey, ill-colored 3d real mink false eye lashes. It did not look good. I ALMOST leaned over and gave her my card to tell her to call me. I refrained from doing that. I figured that might be misconstrued a little…..not to mention I might have been slapped.

3d real mink false eye lashes
3d real mink false eye lashes

The point is, this woman had breakouts, and was trying to cover them up instead of going to the root of the problem. I think a lot of women do this. Instead of looking at their skin, they look for makeup to “cover” their blemishes and discolorations, instead of looking at the cause of the problems. If you fix the problem, you don’t need to glob on all that 3d real mink false eye lashes!!!!!!

If you want to have “flawless” skin, it takes a lot of work. Especially if you have less-than-flawless skin. The important thing to remember is that you need to constantly exfoliate. My preference is to do this with either a glycolic or salicylic wash. This is great at decongesting the skin, clearing all dry patches, and balancing out the overall look and texture. IF you want only natural versions, there are organic brands that contain these acids.

DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SKIN!!!! And also, do not touch it!!! Don’t rest your hand on your face ever!!! you are transferring the bacteria from your hand to your face, and bacteria is what perpetuates breakouts.

Clean your cellphone with alcohol wipes, and do not press it to your face when you talk on it. There is a lot of dirt and bacteria on your phone, and if you press it to your face, the germs are being transferred to your skin.

****No matter what type of skin you have, use a moisturizer. Period. Even if you have very oily skin, you need to maintain the hydration. We all need to protect our skin. Everyone is different, so we all have different needs for our face. This is where trial-and-error comes in. What works for your friend may not work for you.

PLEASE use an all natural 3d real mink false eye lashes line. The chemicals that are in most liquids are not good for you or for your skin. Your skin fights with these harsh chemicals, causing severe reactions, irritation and breakouts. Read your labels. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, or if it sounds like a chemical, don’t buy it. Period. I spent a lot of time formulating a luxurious, beautiful all natural line that is healthy and high-performance. The products are out there….you just need to take the time out and look!!!

There is no Easy solutions for “flawless skin”. Like anything in life, it takes commitment and perseverance.

Feel free to respond here and give us some of your suggestions on how to make your skin look flawless!!!!

By incorporating my experience in both the skincare and 3d real mink false eye lashes arenas, I have dedicated myself to helping women (and men) to look and feel better. This includes makeup, skincare, and nutrition.

3d real mink false eye lashes
3d real mink false eye lashes

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