Toxic Makeup

Always rushing and racing, many of us in our busy everyday lives fail to look after ourselves and take the time to ensure that the 3D mink lashes custom lashes and beauty products we are using are toxin free. Unknowingly we expose ourselves to hundreds of chemicals which could be avoided by using a toxin free range.

3D mink lashes custom lashes
3D mink lashes custom lashes

Many expensive beauty products have not been tested for safety and are full of chemicals. We should ask ourselves the question. Has this product been tested for my safety? And if it’s the case that we cannot answer that question honestly, we should 3D mink lashes custom lashes our product choice. Remember toxin free is safer and in fact more often than not costs less than the leading brands.

Many studies have been carried out with findings showing that these chemicals can cause cancer. Dr Epstein is an internationally recognised authority on avoidable causes of cancer and he recommends the Neways range. Dr Epstein is cited as saying that “Neways has pioneered and succeeded in providing consumers with cosmetics and toiletries free of cancer-causing, harmful ingredients and contaminants. I warmly congratulate them on their accomplishments.”

The notion may exist that a toxin free product means an inadequate product and that is just not the case. A wide variety of products, from skin care to cosmetics are now available on the market, with the quality and not to mention variety of colours being second to none. So now each one of us has the opportunity to choose wisely and buy toxin free.

Knowing what to look for is the first step in becoming ‘safety 3D mink lashes custom lashes’. I’ve listed below chemicals that are regularly found on product labels. So lets begin to educate ourselves and be safe.

Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) is a degreaser and used to clean engines and is found in 90 per cent of all personal care products. The fact that it is so widely used is because it is a cheap ingredient.

Parabens are used as preservatives and are often found in deodorant, moisturiser, shampoo etc. Studies point to a link between parabens and cancer as they mimic estrogen which interferes with the body’s endocrine system

Dioxane has been confirmed by the National Cancer Institute as a carcinogenic and is found in compounds known as PEG.

Mineral oil, Paraffin and petrolatum are suspected of causing cancer in laboratory animals and also known to disrupt hormonal activity.

Toluene is poisonous and is fatal if ingested and is present in many synthetic fragrances. It has been found to cause kidney and liver damage and is linked to affecting the health of the unborn fetus.

Accrylamide has been linked to tumors during laboratory research on animals and can be found commonly in hand and face creams.

Linda Bounds runs Health e-Home, an online store providing healthy, toxin-free products. Linda believes, for the greater part, that the prevention of disease comes from the inside, not only in the nutrition we give our body, but in the products that we use: the creams we put on our skin; the shampoo we use on our hair; and the 3D mink lashes custom lashes we apply.

3D mink lashes custom lashes
3D mink lashes custom lashes

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